USA Waving American Flag Perforated Window Decal

USA Waving American Flag Perforated Window Decal
USA-PERF 8.5" H x 16" W Perforated Window Decal (sold individually)
Our PriceUS$24.98
Weight 1
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USA Waving Flag by Adventure Graphics
  • One-Way Vision Technology
  • Applies Dry
  • 1-2 Year Outdoor Durability without laminate

Lamination does three things:

1) Covers the perforated holes so that water doesn't get into them & distort your vision

2) Blocks UV rays keeping the colors more vivid

3) Protects the graphic from outdoor elements increasing the lifespan of the graphic

NOTE: If you do choose to laminate your rear window graphic, please be aware that the view to the outside might be a little blurry.

Do not apply to front or side windows. Rear Window Graphics may not be legal in all areas. Check your local regulations regarding window tinting laws.

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