2010 Camaro Extended Bumblebee Stripes WITHOUT Spoiler

2010 Camaro Extended Bumblebee Stripes WITHOUT Spoiler

Extended Length, Bumblebee Style Rally Stripes WITHOUT Spoiler

3-Year Durability

Our PriceUS$186.54
Weight 2.5
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Choose from 10 different colors. Made from the highest quality vinyl, these stripes are a fantastic paint alternative. Not only is the vinyl easy to apply, it carries an exclusive 3-year, on-the-hood durability!

Ultra 970 Premium Vinyl

Find out about the benefits of using Ultra 970 for your stripes & graphics

Ultra 970 Traffic Blue

Traffic Blue

Ultra 970 Matte Black

Matte Black

Ultra 970 Gloss Black

Gloss Black

Ultra 970 Cardinal Red

Cherry Red

Ultra 970 Gold Met.

Gold Met.

Ultra 970 Silver Met.

Silver Met.

Ultra 970 Graphite Met.

Graphite Met.

Ultra 970 White


Ultra 970 Light Yellow


Ultra 970 Orange


The kit is provided as two hood stripes with two separate front facia pieces to allow for wrapping the vinyl around the edges of the hood and around the air intake mailslot on SS models. Rear deck stripes are provided pre-spaced. All parts are designed to wrap around edges.

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